Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Welcome to Cutefusion!  

First, an introduction.   My name is Irene – sandwich child (number 2 as my Grandma called me, referencing my rank out of 4 sisters), geeky sister, freshly minted wife, and now, ecstatic/scared/worrying/working mother-to-be living in Dallas, Texas. 


I was married this past year, May 27th, 2012 in a fairy tale wedding.  My husband Darren and I were on cloud 9 – and so relieved that what seemed like the hardest part of our 4 year relationship was now behind us.  More on that later. 


I guess I should preface this entire blog by giving you an idea of who I am and why I decided to go down the path of baby blogdom.  I should say this is not necessarily a solely baby-centric blog.  I am not new to the blogging world as (what feels like) many moons ago, I started a blog aptly named “The Pink Hearted Princess” -- that girl is still very much alive and well.


 I still have lingering guilt about abandoning my blog – it was a product of much hard work, countless hours of camwhoring, editing, and long nights.  I still love beauty blogging and that will come through here as well…OOTDs and LOTD, what is working for me in terms of getting rid of pesky preg-o acne and comfy bras for a *somewhat excitedly reporting* expanding bust and snippets from my own personal life. 

Why Cutefusion?  Because my little one will be a an adorable mixed bundle of joy!!!  I'll share my personal journey and experiences in an interracial relationship as well as those of some of my friends and others I admire -- plus we'll get to see their little cute mixed ones too!  

I am extremely curious about how my offspring will look!  Will my baby have Darren's nose?  My eyes? My strange shaped head?  Darren's long skinny legs?  This speculation is obviously something every expectant couple muses about but I personally can't wait to see how our little one turns out.  

The face of the United States and beyond is rapidly changing.  I worry about raising a child in a much less forgiving world - at least compared to the one in which I grew up .  What new pressures of child rearing will I face?  Even scarier, what new challenges will my child face?

My husband and I - team players in future parenthood!  :)  
Also just noticed the skinny belt he's wearing in this pic...should have found him a nice Texan-sized belt buckle!!! T__T


All in all, this is a place to share – with you and with each other – about the joys and challenges of motherhood, marriage and raising an interracial child.  I'm personally scared to death at the moment.  We'll see how things progress.  

Despite the fact that I am terrified (don't even mention childbirth right now), I intend for this blog to be a very positive and open place for myself and others - I think blogging has a very therapeutic quality to it.

I hope that you will join me on my journey!  

<3 Irene

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